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The shiny fuzziness

Okay, I just had this wonderful entry written, but because I'm a klutz and not totally used to the touch pad on the laptop (how I miss my trusty mouse!). Anyway, I'll try to re-write it.

A big, belated welcome to all of the new shiny apostles! I would have welcomed you earlier, but I can be lazy like that. Don't take it personally. calily knows I suck at updating.

But anyway, yes, yay new apostles! Now, onto the shiny worship.

Trout! I love trout! I was watching Iron Chef and they had the battle of trout, and all I could think about was how Gay Fuzzy Jesus was sitting up on his striped purple velour overstuffed chaise lounge and smiling down on them. Ah, GFJ, fisher of men, indeed!!

Shininess. I love shiny things, especially shiny whistles, but that's a long story. I bought shiny hair clips the other day. they don't really match anything I have, and they're a little ostentatious for me, but they are shiny!

Um, there was other stuff I wrote about before... but I'm being rather random and off the wall and not really making sense, so I think I'll stop there while I'm still feeling the spirit of Gay Fuzzy Jesus in me! Rejoice! Believe in the fuzzy gay savior!!
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