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I bring you Shiny!!

Gay!Fuzzy!Jesus! Your wandering child has returned.

To pay penance for neglecting you, I bring you shiny. Lots and lots of shiny.

Yes, it is in Japanese, but you cannot deny the shiny!!
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I miss Grog.. and Gay!Fuzzy!Jesus and bobbleheaded Mary...

I miss our legion of superheros.

Today I heard on the radio there was a bar crawl sponsored where you had to be a superhero and convince them that your superhero was good enough. I was going to call in and tell them how I would be Gay!Fuzzy!Jesus!

Cause really GFJ is quite the superhero, he can walk on water AND flatiron your hair!

Who else can do that? Can Superman? Can Batman? NO!

Only Gay!Fuzzy!Jesus

Oh, and for those who don't already know, I got a job finally which means I can buy myself many shiny things and a full set of bobbleheaded dieties.
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This community is so dead.

It's deader than mastedon that Grog killed and ate to get laid.

Deader than Og's chance of getting laid

Deader someone who choked on a jolly rancher.


*Charging... clear*

Let's see if this takes
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Yay for FDR!

FDR is awesome! Because of FDR there's a ton of social programs, FDR ended the depression and helped people! FDR made jobs!

I wish FDR was President now cause then I'd probably have a job. I love you, FDR

I have thus stated that we canonize FDR in the religion of GFJ! He is now a shiny saint. Shiny shiny FDR!

For those keeping track...

The Saints of the Religion of GFJ
- Grog (Yay Grog!)
- The Guy that invented gummi bears

Who else should we canonize?
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